"Burgundy" in California

Jerry McFarland in the Santa Lucia Highlands, 1982

After studying under the famed U.C. Davis viticulture professor, Dr. A.J. Winkler, Jerry began studying the climatic conditions of the Salinas Valley in 1959. Jerry set thermographs throughout the Monterey region, and he discovered that the further you got away from the Pacific Ocean in Monterey, the warmer it got. The Gonzales area had and still has a climate that is the most Burgundian in California. Because of the cold region 1 climate of the Gonzales portion of the Santa Lucia Highlands, wines produced from the River Road Vineyard are some of the most Burgundian-like in all of California.

Jerry at Smith and Hook Vineyard, 1974
Jerry at Santa Lucia Vineyard, 1972
Jerry with Wall Street investors, Soledad Mission, 1969
Benjamin Arreola, Don Johnson and Kelly McFarland
Jerry, 1982 Smith & Hook Vineyard and Winery Fiesta, first winery in the Santa Lucia Highlands.