River Road Vineyard

The small herd of Boer goats live on River Road Vineyard and are a part of the ownership’s commitment to the environment. Bill, Nina, Callie, Jack and Spike are weed control on the vineyard’s large pond. For forty years, the pond has been an over wintering home to wild ducks and geese. Since 2011 the pond on River Road has been going through a naturalization process to become a more inviting spot for the wild fowl to raise their young in spring.

J McFarland Wines vineyard
Rain drops on new chardonnay shoot with grape cluster forming. April 2, 2014.
New shoots covered with welcome rain drops on Big Pond-River Road Vineyard.
View of own River Road Vineyard own root Chardonnay looking over Big Pond - River Road Vineyard Chardonnay. Note the wild willows and cotton woods growing on the Salinas River bank. The trees provide a safe habitat for deer, bobcats, wild pigs, coveys of quill, red-winged black birds and sparrows to name a few.
One of the many heirloom apple trees in spring bloom.
Yellow Lady Banksia rose. River Road Vineyard has a full collection of heirloom rose bushes.
One of the team readying the vineyard for 2014.
Among the many varieties of lavender on River Road Vineyard is Spanish lavender.
Talking things over, Kelly McFarland and Benny Arreola discussing early bud break, fear of a spring freeze…and who’ll get his pick up washed first. Between the two, they have 74 years of farming experience in the Santa Lucia Highlands.